Just returned, continued.

For the moment, here are some photos from the tour.  I also posted photos on my facebook pages, so you can see more there, because my fellow travelers have been posting photos too.  I plan to go back and journal each day, so I’ll be posting photos to go with each day’s musings.  Also, Mike the Marine Clifton, official USO photographer, took some GREAT shots, which I hope to post on the cover of Philadelphia Magazine…Chutzpah Mag., or at  least the Margate’s Jewish times.

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Just returned from an extraordinary USO Germany and Persian Gulf tour.

This was a sensational tour: an eye-opening experience I am privileged to have shared with 9 other talent cartoonists and our USO photographer, all gentlemen.  My biggest date ever.  I didn’t blog for the week during the trip because there was so much to digest, and so little time or energy left to write.  Besides, I wasnt sure how to blog anyway, and my new assistant, the “can-do” Janelle Smith, is showing me what to do.

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Getting ready

This is my first post, and my new assistant Janelle is helping me pack. Thank God, this is the worst part of any trip, so it’s all up from here….way WAY up. She is also instructing me on how to blog, which should only take her five minutes to teach me and me 24 hours to remember. I’d rather be writing than packing, though I should get back to packing. Generally, I always overpack. Janelle said I only need 3 pair of pants. WHATS WITH THAT? In fact, I’m going to post a picture just to practice. However, remember that this is a packing photo and not a hoarder’s dining room.

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